Step To Order


1. 请您先仔细阅读买家须知**

2. 进入产品PRODUCT 目录。

  • 当您看到您所要的产品和尺寸,请点击ADD QUOTATION 加入购物车,您也可以点击产品图片查看相关资料及提问。
  • 您所选择的产品数量将出现在购物车。
  • 请选择清单 (ASK FOR QUOTATION) 查看您所选择的产品,您也可以在此增加或减少数量。
  • 请填妥个人资料,并选择ASK FOR QUOTATION
3. 我们将会通过电邮答复您关于产品详情和款项。

4. 客户请在三天内付款,之后请到主页点击PAYMENT,填妥付款详情。

** 汇款或转账到本公司所提供的银行户口:
- Public Bank 3176757012 (YANGTZEKIANG TAILOR SDN BHD)

5. 在确认款项付清后,我们将在两个工作日内通过快递公司运送。



All Products Include GST

Steps To Purchase
1. Please read carefully our terms and conditions.

2. Enter Our Product page.
  • Click "ADD QUOTATION" for the product with the correct size you wish to buy.
  • The quantity will appear in the cart.
  • Select "ASK FOR QUOTATION" to view the items you have chosen; You can decide the quantity in here.
  • Fill up the form and select "ASK FOR QUOTATION".
3. We will confirm with you the order and sum out the total cost.

4. Please make the payment within 3 days. Select the "PAYMENT" to inform us the payment detail.

YANGTZEKIANG TAILOR SDN BHD                     3176757012

5. Once the payment made, we will do the delivery within 2 working days by Courier Company.

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